About US

Allern Enterprises Private Limited was formed in 2019 and is lead by Co-Founder and Director Prithviraaj Shetty.

Allern is an Ed Tech Publisher having a Unique Product, QR BOOK (for a student) and complimenting it, we are having a Teaching tool, TEACHER'S EDGE (for a teacher) which can be used both Offline & Online.

QR BOOK is a unique workbook designed by us in association with Top Publications which ensures and encourages a PHYGITAL way of Learning (Physical + Digital) for a child.

Teacher's Edge is a Unique platform designed by us (to be installed on a Desktop or Laptop) that acts as a powerful Teaching Tool/Aid to empower a teacher to enhance the entire Teaching-Learning experience in a classroom (both Offline & Online).

Asestore Private Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Allern Enterprises Private Limited.